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Best Free Assets for Creating Mobile Video Ads

In the never-ending quest to optimize your creative team's workflow, one of the easiest, quickest, and most reliable solutions is to utilize free assets. These could be stock images, tools, templates, or even websites. Some designers will stigmatize the use of free assets like stock videos or music, but if it speeds up your workflow then it's worth taking advantage of. In fact, when I'm interviewing video editor candidates one of the questions I always ask is: Do you use third-party plugins or presets? We're in the business of driving users to an app, not trying to create the next Mona Lisa. Here are some of my favorite free assets to help you optimize your creative team's workflow.

Parade by MightySignal

I often mention Apptica and Sensor Tower on this blog as great tools for conducting competitor creative research, but both require a paid subscription. Parade by MightySignal is a pretty solid free alternative. It doesn't have all the extra features that the paid services out there have - and it still requires creating an account - but for a free tool it's hard to beat. Facebook Ads Library is another decent tool if you have a specific competitor in mind.

Free Music Archive

Stock music can get expensive fast. If you're not ready to commit to a subscription fee just to download a few tracks a month, Free Music Archive is a great free alternative. While not ALL music on FMA is licensed for commercial use, you can eaisly filter your searches by license. FMA's catalog of Public Domain music is surprisingly large with 2,931 tracks (as of writing this). You might not be able to find the perfect song for every need, but there are definitely some solid options there. And if you don't mind crediting an author in your ads, there are even more tracks to choose from under a variety of Creative Commons (CC) Commercial Use licenses.

Here's a pretty cool track I found under the Public Domain license called >Robot Gypsy Jazz:

After Effects Templates

A lot of designers are turned off by templates, and I get it. Using a template can feel like a cop out, or even a failure on the part of your own talents. There's a famous saying that I think fits this scenario well: Work smarter, not harder. Using design templates is like a construction worker using a jackhammer over a hammer and chisel, or a programmer using an opensource library. Templates are simply a tool to help you work faster, and there are a lot of incredible templates out there.

Here is a short list of my favorite libraries of free After Effects templates:

Likewise, there are a TON of free After Effects plugins that can drastically increase your workflow efficiency - including my own sprite sheet animator Sprite-O-Matic. I'd list my favorites here, but I've already published a separate post on the topic! Scroll back up and click this link once you finish reading: 15 Essential After Effects Plugins for Video Marketing Editors

The Beat by Premium Beat

Premium Beat has always been a great stock music resource, but one of my favorite things about PB is their blog The Beat. It's filled with an insane amount of articles all about video editing, motion graphics, production, and even free assets (in case this post isn't enough for you). In fact, their library of Free Video Assets articles is so robust it gets its own category in their blog menu.

Here are some of my favorite recent blog posts from The Beat:

RSS Feed

Last but not least, there are numerous blogs and news sources for the mobile industry that can keep you up to date on industry insights. Many of these articles are related to creative trends and technologies like new ad units. Catching up on these headlines over your morning coffee is a great way to stay on top of things. So grab your favorite RSS feed catcher (there are a billion free ones out there) and start loading it up with mobile ad blogs.

Here are a few of my favorite feeds to follow (in alphabetical order):And don't forget this blog as well! Here's the link to its RSS feed.

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