Video Production & Consulting
Apr 2017 - Jan 2018
Throughout my career I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands of all sizes, providing them freelance video production and creative consulting services. I spent most of 2017 as a self-employed freelancer which led to a full-time role with G5 as their first Creative UA Manager. I usually supported my clients with creative strategy, ad concepting, and motion graphics / video editing services. I was frequently contracted by marketing teams, so I was able to work closely with them to leverage their past performance data and learnings to help create top-performing assets for their campaigns.
Nike & SNKRS
When Nike was ready to bring the Air Jordan XI to their SNKRS app they reached out to me for creative support. With a 2 week deadline I conceptualized and produced 6 unique concepts and delivered 300 individual video files optimized for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google UAC.

My relationship with Nike's global user acquisition team has extended to multiple projects across their Nike app and SNKRS app.

Dillon's talents for creating highly performing video ads is unparalleled. He has taken the time to analyze hundreds of top performing video ads in the marketplace and has rigorously tested highly granular elements that increase conversion rates. He combines analytical skills and highly creative thinking with repetitive iteration to maximize results for his clients.
Director of Global User Acquisition at Nike
Storm8 went through a massive layoff in 2017 which affected over half the company, including the user acquisition team. Shortly after my departure, they contracted me to produce several video ads for their slots game.

G5 Games
Before joining G5 full-time, I produced several video ads for them as a freelance contractor.

Similar to my relationship with G5, I worked with AnchorFree's user acquisition team as a freelancer to produce several video ads for them before accepting a full-time offer from them in 2018.

Other Clients
I've smaller clients as well, producing video content for indie game developers, popular YouTubers, and rising musicians.