Art Director, UA Creative
Sep 2019 - Present
I joined Kabam as Art Director for their UA Creative department where I develop creative strategy and manage creative testing pipelines for all games. I lead internal and external artists to produce a wide variety of data-driven creative assets, including videos, banners, playables, and 3D trailers. Since joining Kabam, I've built an incredibly low cost, high performance external network of freelancers and agencies around the world, directly cutting external creative costs by several hundred thousand dollars annually and increasing average monthly ad creative output by 563%. I'm also responsible for managing a multi-million dollar budget including accruals, forecasts, and MSA/SOW contracts. Partnering closely with branding, I've supported the launch of Shop Titans on Steam and am currently supporting the launch of a new Disney title and new Marvel title. I've also identified and pursued new creative opportunities including emerging ad units like AR filters and Google automation experiments.
Launching Shop Titans On Steam
In May 2020, Kabam launched their hit mobile game Shop Titans on the PC storefront Steam. Throughout April and May my team was tasked with preparing creative assets for the store page. Knowing that PC gamers are often resistant to mobile ports it was crucial that we created a distinct visual experience for the PC storefront without completely deviating from the Shop Titans brand. Our solution was to focus on high quality artwork and visuals, utilizing illustrated artwork and color palettes not seen on the mobile storefronts, even including concept art.

Launch trailer:

3D Trailer:

Steam trading cards:
Experimenting with AR
I always encourage my team to pursue innovation and think outside-the-box. One example of this was our exploration into AR filters. Working with Shop Titans assets, my team developed several AR filters for both Instagram and Snapchat. In an attempt to iterate on our successful selfie ads, we produced several ads with actors utilizing the AR filters. Below is a playlist of examples.

Rejuvenating Marvel Creative
When I joined Kabam, Marvel Contest of Champions was approaching its 5 year anniversary. Its best performing ad was nearly 2 years old. I was tasked with improving performance and scale through creative innovation. The first tactic I employed was producing radically fresh content. The ads in use at the time consisted of evergreen gameplay. To counter this we developed short-form live action concepts, partnered with an external agency to shoot them, then finalized edits in house. I oversaw the full production process including on-set supervision.

While impactful, this tactic wasn't a practical solution for the high-output world of UA creative. The second tactic I engaged was to improve performance of gameplay content by leveraging historical performance data and competitor research. The result was to produce ads that:
  • leaned heavily into traditional fighting game visuals and tropes; and
  • experimented with failure (in this case, showing the player character taking punches)