Video Compositor and Editor
Sep 2015 - Apr 2016
I helped develop the internal video marketing team, producing fully localized video ads for Game of War and Mobile Strike on mobile, web, and social channels across 40+ geos. I consistently identified and developed new marketing opportunities including YouTube influencer campaigns and VR/360 video ads. I also led marketing art team brainstorming sessions, directed artists on large scale projects, and assisted with external productions including concepting and talent casting.
Leading Creative Innovation
I noticed a growing trend in 360° / VR video ads on YouTube and Facebook, and put together a storyboard for a video ad for Game of War. I researched 360° / VR workflows and selected a 3D animator and concept artist. I worked with the concept artist to develop a 3D animatic, then directed the 3D animator in the animation process. I also wrote dialogue and directed the voice talent, then prepared 2D assets for eventual compositing with the 3D render.

Supporting External Productions
I leveraged my background in filmmaking and talent casting to help assist with external productions. I reviewed concepts and storyboards, joined onsite casting calls, and helped supervise on set.

Optimizing Internal Workflows
To optimize workflows I helped build After Effects templates, establish best practices for localization, and cataloged a pre-rendered assets library. I also developed an After Effects script that automated our sprite sheet animation process, saving us around 15 minutes per animation.

Launching Mobile Strike
During the launch of Mobile Strike I produced several localized video ads for mobile campaigns, designed and developed localized mobile/desktop landing pages, and built dynamic email templates for the content marketing team. I A/B tested the landing pages in Google Analytics to help optimize for conversions.