Video Producer, UA
I created data-driven video ads for 20+ games from concept through delivery. I leveraged creative A/B testing to directly increase CVR by 150%, effectively reducing ad costs by $5.4 million. I also coordinated with internal art teams and external creative partners to ensure creative cohesion across all campaigns, and monitored creative KPIs to identify optimization opportunities for the UA team to implement.
Designing For Hasbro IP
I supported our Hasbro team with creative mocks, bizdev material, and marketing assets. I successfully increased CTR for Monopoly Bingo by 145% and CVR by 11%. I improved CVR for Clue Bingo by 42%.

Launching Dream City
In Summer of 2016 we launched the city building game Dream City. I produced 4 teaser videos leading up to the game's release date which helped secure featuring on both Apple and Google Play app stores.

Sharing My Insights With The World
In 2017, I was invited to speak at GDC about how I improved, scaled, and optimized Storm8's creative marketing initiatives. Following my appearance at GDC I was invited to present on the same topic at Digital Taipei in Taiwan later that year.

Colleague Recommendations
I wholeheartedly recommend Dillon for any video or advertising project. His unique combination of artistic vision and marketing acumen allows him to create ads that deliver effective results. At Storm8 we worked on a variety of game genres and he always had several different concepts ready for us to explore. He has a great attitude and worked seamlessly with other departments (designers, artists, product, tech) to ensure projects were completed with the latest high quality assets. Dillon would be a great addition to any marketing team.
Head of User Acquisition for Amazon Appstore

Dillon is a passionate and dedicated video producer, storyteller, and responsible coworker who strives for excellence and perfection. He is organized and responsive, welcomes feedbacks and is eager to work across teams in order to achieve common goals. Using the videos that he made for Storm8 UA, we were able to pay less for better ad placements and increase our yearly yield projections by 30%+.
Senior User Acquisition Manager at Nike

Dillon is the take-charge and proactive type of person that every team needs. Whether it's leading efforts to streamline work processes or finding new ways to innovate and engage users, Dillon is always enthusiastic and has an infectiously positive attitude about all his projects. Even though we worked on different teams, he was always available to see my work from a fresh perspective and give me constructive feedback. I really enjoyed working with Dillon and genuinely believe that any team would be lucky to have him.
Visual Designer at Google