Video Editor, Marketing
I created award-winning video marketing content for the Office of the Dean of Students, primarily for incoming freshman classes. I also managed the department's YouTube channel, mentored video interns, and liaised with other campus departments.
The Pitt Vlog
I conceptualized and produced The Pitt Vlog, a biweekly web series of videos designed to teach incoming freshmen what life on campus is like. The series was very successful and was eventually syndicated across campus televisions. In 2012, The Pitt Vlog received the CUPPIES Award in Electronic Media/Social Media from CUPRAP.

Colleague Recommendations
Dillon is skilled, dedicated, creative and energetic with a get-it-done personality that fits in well with the world of video production. He will excel as part of a production team or in a related role. He quickly distinguished himself as an exceptional team member and became a valuable resource for our department. He has incredible energy and brought many new and creative ideas to our office that I immediately implemented, and have since won awards. He quickly proved himself as a leader and as an independent worker who was able to manage projects from start to finish with minimal supervision. He is extremely savvy and I did not hesitate to entrust him with high-level projects, many of which routinely reached levels as high as the Chancellor and the Provost of the University. Dillon has excellent communication skills, and a wonderful attitude. He is comfortable meeting and working with a wide variety of people, and takes feedback well. He was a joy to have around the office. If you're looking for someone who is skilled in editing, directing, shooting and all aspects of video production, with creativity and energy, Dillon is the employee for you. I highly endorse him, and if given the opportunity would hire him in a heart-beat.
Director of Marketing and Communications at University of Pittsburgh

Dillon took great pride and initiative in his work. He balanced school work, an internship and personal projects and always produced exceptional content. I was most impressed with his resourcefulness and willingness to try new methods to create original work. His knowledge and experience as a multimedia specialist impressed me greatly and I learned a lot working with him.
Assistant Project Manager at Oak Contracting, LLC