Director of Creative & Strategy
Jun 2019 - Sep 2019
I joined Viral Nation as Director of Creative Strategy where I developed integrated marketing strategies for major clients like Ubisoft, PUBG Mobile, and Disney. I partnered with influencer teams to help support large scale activations, and led an internal creative team and a worldwide network of designers, video editors, and talent to produce and deliver world class creative. I also worked closely with the Director of Performance Marketing to help on-board and retain new business, provide creative performance insights to clients, and help pitch creative services. While agency life was a great career experience and I learned an incredible amount about influencer marketing, I ultimately decided I was better suited for brand and left Viral Nation to join Kabam as the Art Director for their UA Creative team in San Francisco.
Rainbow Six Activation
I led video production on a Rainbow Six influencer activation at Ubisoft's San Francisco office. I sourced a local production crew, coordinated with the client in-person, secured additional filming locations, and directed post-production with our internal video editors.

The concept was a prank video where 4 influencers (Anthony Padilla, Lenarr Young, ChadWithaJ, and Hardstop Lucas) were flown to Ubisoft in San Francisco to test out a new AI feature in Rainbow Six Siege. In reality, the "AI player" was influencer Zane Hijazi disguising his voice. The final video released on Zane's channel is below.

Each influencer filmed and uploaded their own version of the experience as well.

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019
We produced and managed multiple digital, social, and OOH campaigns for Tencent Games' PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 in Berlin, Germany. I directed internal and external designers to develop branded video ads, banners, and airport displays. I also developed and managed multiple landing pages for driving ticket sales in Berlin and live stream viewership across the globe.

I also coordinated production of the Fan Favorite trophy, cast voice over talent for PUBGM Season 8 Royale Pass, and secured a video and photo crew for the live tournament events in Berlin.

Esports Development League
ESDL helps aspiring esports players find teammates and grow their skills in a non-toxic environment. The league supports multiple titles including League of Legends, Overwatch, and Fortnite.

I supported our performance campaigns for ESDL by providing strategy, creative, and landing page design. Below are examples of these delivered assets.

Establishing Efficient Workflows
When Viral Nation brought me in there were multiple pain points surrounding internal creative services. I took immediate measures to:
  • Improve team morale and culture
  • Implement a rigid project management system
  • Fix cross-functional communication problems
  • Encourage better processes and efficient workflows
I also setup a freelancer payment process with the accounting team and began growing an external network of designers, video editors, and talent. I quickly on-boarded a motion graphics designer and established dedicated creative teams for Performance Marketing and Social Content pipelines.