G5 Games
Creative User Acquisition Manager
January, 2018 to August, 2018

  • Developed and implemented a new UA creative strategy which increased ad performance 150% in first 6 months
  • By Q2’18 my new strategy helped increase CTR by 131%, increase install rates by 112%, and lower CPIs by 64%
  • Optimized the creative pipeline for our internal motion design team, tripling our ad production in first half of 2018
  • Initiated A/B testing on Google and Facebook, and tested ASO assets with SplitMetrics, Google Play, and Search Ads
  • Managed external creative partner relationships in multiple geos and approved all external creative ads/assets
  • Provided daily feedback to game art and ASO teams to ensure consistent user experience through marketing funnel

My relationship with G5 began in 2017 when they reached out to me about producing video ads for their user acquisition team. After completing several successful projects for them, they extended a full-time job offer and I joined their UA team in January, 2018 as Creative User Acquisition Manager.

During my time at G5, I was responsible for:
  • Ad Production
    • Managed the entire user acquisition ad pipeline and road map
    • Conceptualized new ads and directed a team of motion graphic designers to produce them
    • Managed external creative partners and creative services
    • Personally created video, banner, and playable ads as necessary
  • Creative Reporting, Testing, and Analysis
    • Developed and maintained a creative testing road map
    • Managed monthly test budget to conduct creative testing on Facebook, AdWords, SplitMetrics, and with external partners
    • Analyzed creative test data and made data-driven creative decisions
    • Pulled weekly creative reports from internal dashboards and external partners
    • Analyzed creative performance data and provided actionable insights to the UA managers
    • Localization and culturalization of creatives
  • Creative Strategy
    • Developed individual creative strategies for each of the games we were spending on
    • Frequently performed competitor analysis using tools like App Annie and Sensor Tower
    • Coordinated cross-functionally with ASO team to ensure a cohesive user acquisition funnel
    • Worked closely with external partners to explore new opportunities and emerging ad units
  • Misc. Creative Work
    • Provided daily creative feedback and direction to the game art and ASO teams
    • Maintained and organized an internal creative assets library for new hires and external partners
    • Maintained guidelines and messaging for internal and external creative teams
    • Helped evaluate and on-board new creative partners and services

I left G5 in August, 2018 when I accepted a position as Senior Creative User Acquisition Manager at AnchorFree. I helped the team transition as smoothly as possible before leaving, including conceptualizing and assigning 58 video ad tickets to the motion graphics team covering the remaining 5 months of 2018, focusing primarily on major holidays.

Working with Dillon was truly great. He was a force for positive change in G5. While at G5 he created and implemented new creative processes including: Streamlining creative production; Easy to follow creative naming; Creative A:B testing for ASO, Marketing & User Acquisition; Strategies for continued refining ASO optimization. Working with our Motion Design team Dillon was able increase video creation by more than 300%. Dillon regularly worked with the Acquisition team to create, implement, refine and test new creative ideas. It was amazing he could take simple off the cuff comments of what someone thought would make a cool ad and turn it into a fully fleshed out reality. Dillon is very passionate on every task he works on and will be a valuable team member where ever he is.
Senior User Acquisition Manager at G5
Bringing Dillon on board was a game changer for G5's User Acquisition strategy. He is a unique hybrid of an excellent creative producer and an analytical thinker that proved invaluable in allowing G5 to scale their marketing efforts efficiently. During his time here, not only did he produce the top performing creatives to date, and provide excellent creative direction to our video production team, he would also seek out channels and campaigns that allowed us to more strategically test our assets. Within his first couple months he had already created videos that cut CPIs by at least half for most of our titles and also standardized testing methods that saved us over 30% in creative testing budgets. What I admire about Dillon above all is that he is a critical thinker - the first to notice inconsistencies and inefficiencies in any process. He further analyzes test results as opposed to just accepting them, and drove the process to equip our team with the tools and structure to more effectively turnaround high quality creatives. Dillon was without a doubt a large part of our team's success, and I'm confident that will be the case for any teams he works with in the future as well.
Growth Strategy at Stitch Fix
It's not that common to come across a standout talent like Dillon. I had the pleasure of working with him at G5 Entertainment, collaborating on a wide variety of creative UA and ASO projects. He expertly filled the gap of creative analysis and management to help support our user acquisition team. He re-structured our whole creative production process, asset management and A/B testing system, and he worked closely with our motion design team to constantly develop new ideas and make them a reality like magic. He was also proactive to raise questions and learn things he was not familiar with, and didn't hesitate to take on new tasks. In one case, I worked with Dillon to improve organic and paid performance on a low priority game where his contributions cut CPIs in half while doubling conversions. I could always rely on him to get the job done which made him a pleasure to work with. His outstanding organizational skills, creative thinking, analytical mind and super fun personality is a very rare combination. Dillon will take any UA team to the next level and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.
Growth at G5

Featured Work 01
Survivors: The Quest
In Spring of 2018, I successfully improved Survivors: The Quest's App Store landing page conversion performance through creative testing and iteration. I increased video conversions by 27%, screenshots by 13.1%, and the description by 24.4%. From March to April, overall landing page conversion rates doubled and day 14 revenue increased 45.5%. The changes also led to an overall decrease in UA campaign CPIs of 36% between December 2017 and May 2018.

Improved App Store video preview
My role: concept, copy, directing

My process began with an 11-page ASO plan in which I examined existing App Store assets, performed a thorough competitor analysis, and presented a road map for making improvements. I then produced and tested new creative elements including screenshots, icons, text segments, and the preview video.

Improved App Store screenshots
My role: concept, copy, design
Featured Work 02
Improving Creative Performance
I led a team of video producers and motion designers based in Ukraine and Russia. It was my responsibility to ensure our internal creative team produced world class creatives for all our games, which varied in tone, theme, genre, and demographic appeal. I successfully improved creative performance by 150% between January and June of 2018. I accomplished this by optimizing our internal creative workflow and pipeline, developing a creative testing strategy, and frequently analyzing competitor creatives. Below are select examples of top performing ads that I conceptualized and directed:

My role: concept, copy, directing

My role: concept, copy, directing

My role: concept, copy, directing

My role: concept, copy, directing
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San Francisco, CA