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Infinite Indie was a publication I created for independent video game journalists that focused exclusively on the indie games market. I acted as an editor to more than 15 independent authors and over 110 articles. Infinite Indie saw relative success and had established relationships with a sizable number of independent developers and PR reps. Unfortunately, I was forced to shut down the website in 2015 after accepting a job offer in the mobile gaming industry. Ultimately, Infinite Indie served as both a fun side project and an excellent learning experience in both web design and project management. It can still be viewed via the Wayback Machine on (link below), although some content may be missing and certain design elements may be broken.

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Video Game Review Site (take 2)

Scorecery was a spiritual successor to Infinite Indie, and an attempt to recapture its success. While the design was a massive improvement, including a more streamlined back end for reviewers, it failed to reach the same level of success as Infinite Indie had due to a lack of time and resources.

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