Video Compositor and Editor
Sep 2015 - Apr 2016

I joined MZ as one of the first video editors for their creative marketing team, directly supporting the user acquisition team. I created fully localized video ads for Game of War and Mobile Strike, optimized for multiple channels across 40+ geos. While I produced plenty of original ad content, I was also responsible for repurposing launch trailers and TV commercials, including content featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mariah Carey, and Rob Gronkowski. During my time at MZ, I consistently identified and developed strategies for new creative marketing opportunities, including YouTube influencer campaigns and VR/360 video ads. I also led marketing art team brainstorming sessions, directed artists on large scale projects, and assisted with external productions including writing, talent casting, and on-set supervision. Although my primary responsibilities revolved around video production, I also designed, developed, and localized emails and landing pages for new user and retargeting campaigns, and often helped create static art assets for game art and live-ops teams. I left MZ in 2016 to accept a Video Producer role at casual mobile games studio Storm8.

Leading Creative Innovation

I noticed a growing trend in 360° / VR video ads on YouTube and Facebook, and put together a storyboard for a video ad for Game of War (below). I researched 360° / VR workflows and selected a 3D animator and concept artist. I worked with the concept artist to develop a 3D animatic, then directed the 3D animator in the animation process. I also wrote dialogue and directed the voice talent, then prepared 2D assets for eventual compositing with the 3D render.

Supporting External Productions

MZ's UA team invested heavily in live action production for Game of War and Mobile Strike. I was able to leverage my background in filmmaking and talent casting to help assist with several external productions. I reviewed concepts, storyboards, and talent selects, as well as attended onsite casting calls and helped supervise local production. Below is one of the ads I assisted with.

Optimizing Internal Workflows

To help optimize editing workflows, I built various After Effects templates, established best practices for localization, and curated a pre-rendered library of assets. I also developed an After Effects script that automated our sprite sheet animation process, saving us around 15 minutes per animation. These optimizations allowed myself and the other video editors to quickly produce, iterate, and render hundreds of video ads in multiple sizes and languages. These optimizations also made it easier for collaboration among editors, illustrators, and 3D animators. Below is an example of an ad I was able to kick off, produce, and deliver within 2 weeks, all while collaborating with an illustrator and 3D animator in order to elevate our traditional 2D gameplay ad format.

Mobile Strike Landing Pages

I worked closely on the launch of Mobile Strike producing several localized video ads for UA campaigns leading up to worldwide launch. This included editing and repurposing footage featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger who starred in several of the game's TV spots and mobile ads. I also designed and developed localized mobile and desktop landing pages, and built dynamic email templates for the content marketing team. I A/B tested iterations of the landing pages using Google Analytics to help optimize for conversions. Below are two examples of video ads I created for Mobile Strike and a screenshot of one of the landing pages.

Japanese Mobile Strike landing page