MZ (Machine Zone)
Video Compositor and Editor
September, 2015 to April, 2016

  • Produced video ads for Game of War and Mobile Strike for mobile, web, and social channels, localized for 40+ geos
  • Identified and developed new marketing opportunities including YouTube influencer campaigns and VR/360 video ads
  • Led marketing art team brainstorming sessions; managed and directed artists and designers on large scale projects

While working in Pittsburgh, PA, I accepted an offer to join MZ's (then Machine Zone) marketing art team as one of the first 2 internal video hires.

During my time at MZ, I was responsible for:
  • Video Ad Production
    • Created original video creatives for all games
    • Resized, re-timed, edited, and localized internal and external video ads for multiple channels and 40+ languages
    • Edited and re-edited externally produced video assets including celebrity and influencer content
    • Composited internally produced 2D and 3D assets/scenes to create new video ads
  • Non-Video Production
    • Assisted with talent casting for outsourced live action productions
    • Assisted with on-set supervision of outsourced live action productions
    • Created static art assets for game art and sales teams
    • Designed and developed dynamic email campaigns
    • Designed, developed, and localized landing pages for UA campaigns
  • Creative Direction
    • Led creative brainstorming sessions with marketing art team and managers
    • Directed team members on production of emerging ad creatives like 360/VR
    • Optimized video team workflow, including developing an After Effects script for animating game art sprite sheets
  • Misc. Work
    • Curated potential influencers and assisted with influencer production meetings
    • Supported playables team with web hosting
    • Interviewed marketing art and web design candidates

Dillon is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him. He is reliable and thorough with great attention to detail. Dillon brings enthusiasm to any project whether large, small or mundane. He is equally skilled at taking direction as leading projects and taking ownership of them. Dillon frequently initiated process documentation and brain storming activities for our team. He worked well with artists across multiple disciplines. Dillon will be a great asset to any team.
Art Producer at MZ
Dillon was an outstanding person to work with during his time at Machine Zone. His creativity and enthusiasm fueled his team and coworkers. It was a pleasure working with him and I recommend him whole-heartedly as an addition to any team/company looking for a true professional in this field.
Associate Designer at Funko

Featured Work 01
Ad Innovation
In 2015, I noticed a growing trend in 360° / VR video ads on YouTube and Facebook, and put together a concept and storyboard for a 360° / VR video ad for Game of War. My next steps included researching 360° / VR workflows and best practices, and putting together a small creative team with a 3D animator and concept artist. I directed the concept artist on developing a 3D animatic, then provided direction and daily feedback to the 3D animator during the animation process. I wrote dialogue and directed the voice talent, then prepared 2D assets for eventual compositing with the 3D render. The video has received more than 1.1 million views on YouTube.

My role: concept, script, workflow, direction, compositing
Featured Work 02
Optimizing Workflows
The video team was frequently tasked with producing ads focused on gameplay. To optimize workflows I helped establish ad templates, best practices for bulk localization, and a pre-rendered assets library. I also developed an After Effects script that automated converting game sprite sheets to animated comps, saving us around 15 minutes per animation. These optimizations helped us keep up with the user acquisition team's demands.

My role: concept, editing, animation (2D), sound design, compositing
Featured Work 03
Launching Mobile Strike
During the launch of Mobile Strike I produced several localized video ads for mobile channels, designed and developed localized mobile/desktop landers, and built dynamic email templates for the content marketing team. I A/B tested the landing pages in Google Analytics to help optimize for conversions.

My role: concept, editing, animation (2D & 3D), sound design

My role: editing, sound design

My role: HTML, CSS, background animation
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San Francisco, CA