Video Producer & Web Designer
Oct 2014 - Sep 2015

As the first full-time Video Producer at PLS Logistics, I created videos for the marketing team's B2B inbound campaigns, promo videos for the recruiting team, and videos for the internal sales teams. My largest initiative involved traveling to remote PLS offices around the country to film local recruiting videos. Since these videos were live action I was also responsible for ordering and maintaining all of our production equipment, including cameras, lighting, and audio. I also tracked our website and video performance via HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Wistia. After a few months I was promoted to oversee the company's website. I became responsible for developing our website marketing strategies, implementing new SEO tactics, and eventually creating and implementing a new website design.

Recruiting With Video

I traveled to each remote office to produce individual recruiting videos for the recruiting team to use. I filmed employee interviews and captured b-roll of the offices, surrounding locations, and employee culture. Using Wistia I was able to analyze viewer heat maps and help the recruiters determine which aspects of the job were most interesting to potential candidates.

Redesigning The Company Website

My goal was to create a modern, user friendly experience that accurately communicated the company's new products and strategies. This multi-month process involved familiarizing myself with the existing front/back end structure, meeting with key stakeholders, developing and presenting a design road map, and reviewing SEO tools. You can view the original design here.

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