Creating Multi-Channel Ads at MZ
September 2016 - April 2016
I joined MZ as a Video Compositor and Editor on their Marketing Art team. I produced video ads for Game of War and Mobile Strike, and acted as an interim web designer.
  • Produced video marketing creatives for Game of War and Mobile Strike on mobile, web, social, and broadcast channels
  • Identified and developed new marketing opportunities including YouTube influencer campaigns and VR/360 ads
  • Led marketing art team brainstorming sessions; managed and directed artists and designers on large scale projects
  • Talent casting and on-set supervision of outsourced video ad production
  • Localized video creatives for 40+ geos across multiple channels
  • Designed and tested website landing pages and email templates
Featured Project 01
Exploring 360/VR Video
After observing a competitor's 360 video ad I pitched the concept to the marketing managers and got the green light. I fleshed out the concept and storyboards, researched workflows and best practices, and chose a 3D artist and concept artist to work with. I directed the concept artist on developing a 3D animatic, then provided direction and daily feedback to the 3D artist during the animation process. I wrote and directed the voice over then composited 3D renders in After Effects and prepared the video for YouTube and Facebook. The video has received more than 1.1 million views on YouTube.

Featured Project 02
Elevating Mobile Ad Templates
I was frequently tasked with producing short mobile ads that focused on gameplay. With the following ad I wanted to refresh our formula so I came up with a concept of mixing 2D and 3D visuals. I built the 2D gameplay using a custom After Effects script I wrote to optimize sprite sheet animation, then coordinated with a 3D artist to render assets for the first-person sequence. I created the solider and background elements in After Effects then composited them with the 3D dragon and 3D enemy soldiers which were rendered by the 3D artist. The ad was very successful and is still being utilized as of 2017.

Featured Project 03
Designing the Mobile Strike Website
I also developed the Mobile Strike website, localized for English, Japanese, and Korean markets. I ran A/B tests in Google Analytics to find the best design layouts for conversions. Below are screen shots of the landing page I created for Mobile Strike in English and Japanese. The background images were animated and the featured video was the most recent TV commercial at the time.

Landing Page (US)

Landing Page (Japan)