Presentations & Publications
Opportunities I've had to share my insight and expertise with marketers, video producers, and filmmakers.
GDC 2017
Breaking Ad
I presented at GDC 2017 to a group of 154 game marketers and developers on the topic of improving video marketing metrics, specifically for gaming. My session was titled Breaking Ad: The Formula For Winning Video Advertising and you can view the recording on the GDC Vault here.

After the conference, I received a session evaluation based on 28 of the 154 attendees. The evaluation was overwhelmingly positive:
  • "Great examples and sample videos / numbers"
  • "Excellent data and well put together presentation with practical examples"
  • "Excellently presented with a clear message"
Digital Taipei 2017
Improving Ad Metrics
I was a speaker at Digital Taipei 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan, where I presented to game developers and marketers on how to improve video ad metrics. My session was titled Best Practices for Improving Video Ad Metrics and covered the planning phase, the production phase, and the data analysis phase of video advertising.
Video User Acquisition Insights
After my GDC presentation, Fyber reached out about publishing exclusive video user acquisition insights on their website, including an independent survey I conducted with 1,041 gamers.

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Pittsburgh Center of the Arts
Auditioning Techniques for Filmmakers
In 2015, I was asked by Pittsburgh Center for the Arts to speak at Pittsburgh Filmmakers to an audience of indie filmmakers about the best practices for auditioning actors. The interest came from my experience running auditions as well as my development of SetReel.

One of the key takeaways from this session is my CURB method which stands for Comfort, Understanding, Risk-Taking, and Believability. These are 4 attributes I judge actors by:
  • How comfortable are they portraying the character?
  • Do they understand the character and the scene?
  • Do they take any risks with the character or apply any nuances to the performance?
  • How believable are they as the character?