Inbound Video Marketing at Select International
July 2012 - February 2014
Select International is a Pittsburgh company that develops employee hiring assessments. I joined their marketing team as the first internal Video Marketing Specialist.
  • Partnered with sales team to produce B2B testimonial, remarketing, and client retention video creatives
  • Produced in-product videos for high profile clients in the manufacturing and healthcare spaces
  • Wrote, cast talent for, and directed industrial videos for client training products
  • Managed YouTube channel and monitored video marketing analytics
  • Ordered and maintained all in-house production equipment
Featured Project 01
Company Overview
I was tasked with producing a company overview video that would be featured on the website and sent to potential clients. I collaborated with the Director of Marketing to develop a rough script, which I then shared with company leaders for feedback. I selected key executives and team leads to feature in the video and divided lines appropriately. I scouted locations around the office and city, then scheduled filming sessions. After filming all scenes, I cut together an initial edit and gathered feedback from key stakeholders.

Featured Project 02
Texas Roadhouse
At Select International, I was the only video person within the company. This meant I was responsible for selecting and maintaining production equipment, developing video concepts, and actually producing them. One of the biggest projects I worked on was client testimonials, which involved traveling to client sites to film interviews and b-roll of their facilities. These videos were used for marketing and sales purposes. This process was later adapted to our video product initiative, where I would travel to client sites to produce on-site training videos to be bundled with our assessment packages.

Featured Project 03
As part of a campaign focused on lighthearted marketing content, it was my job to produce a fun ad for web. I wrote the script and created rough storyboards. I scouted locations and selected actors. After filming, I cut together first draft along with title cards. I gathered feedback from a variety of people since humor is subjective. After a few tweaks for comedic timing, I finalized the video and rendered for web.