Developing a Viral Hit
July 2015
Towel Required! is a first person shooter where the bullets are replaced with towels. The game went viral, bringing in millions of views across YouTube and hundreds of thousands of downloads.
  • Towel Required! has been downloaded more than 600,000 times across PC and mobile platforms
  • Top YouTube influencers, including PewDiePie and Markiplier, have played the game and raked in millions of views
  • It currently has 4.5/5 stars on Game Jolt, 4.2/5 stars on, and 3.8/5 stars on the Google Play Store
A Game in One Week
I created Towel Required! for the 2015 Insanity Jam, a one week game jam where participants develop a game based on a randomly generated topic. The topic I generated was "An FPS that takes place in a shower." I used Photoshop to create the simple graphics, Blender to model the game objects, and Unity 3D to develop the game in C#. Sound effects were sourced from and the soundtrack from Prior to this project, I had only experimented with the Unity engine; this was the first time I finished and released a game. Towel Required! came in 2nd place overall for the game jam and 1st place for Best Use of Generated Idea. I released the game for free on and Game Jolt, and later ported it to the Google Play Store.
Going Viral
After the game was finished, I had a feeling it would resonate well with YouTubers and gamers who enjoy weird but fun games. I began sharing the game as well as comical GIFs across various YouTuber and gaming communities. It quickly went viral on Reddit where it caught the attention of several top YouTube gaming influencers.