Sr. Creative UA Manager
August, 2018

  • Own creative strategy for all UA channels and manage creative pipeline for video, static, HTML, and playable ads
  • Direct production of all advertising assets with internal and external teams, including briefs, MSA/SOW, and budgets
  • Carry out global A/B testing to make data-driven creative decisions based on front and back end performance
  • Optimize ads on a geographic level; in Q1’19 I lowered CPC in MENA by 90% and increased average CTR in Japan 6x
  • Work cross-functionally with design and product teams to ensure high-quality, on-brand imagery and messaging
  • Communicate creative insights to user acquisition team, design team, product team, and executives on a weekly basis
  • Support mobile and desktop acquisition teams with world class, innovative ads for over 30 unique channels

In 2017, AnchorFree became a client of mine while I was providing freelance video production and consulting services. In August of 2018, they extended a full-time offer to join their mobile user acquisition team as Senior Creative User Acquisition Manager.

I wear multiple hats at AnchorFree, from creative director/producer to project manager to creative strategist to designer (and everything in between). In other words, everything that falls under creative user acquisition will begin and/or end with me.

During my time at AnchorFree, I was responsible for:
  • Creative Strategy
    • Develop and direct UA creative strategy for all of AnchorFree's VPN apps
    • Create and manage creative testing road map for each app
    • Run creative tests and analyze front end / back end test results data
    • Develop user personas based on app use cases and create granular creative and targeting strategies for each persona
    • Pull weekly creative reports from dashboards/partners and analyze performance on channel-by-channel basis
    • Conduct competitor analysis and research using Apptica, App Annie, etc. and stay on top of trends
    • Provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly creative performance overviews to user acquisition, product, and design teams
  • Ad Production
    • Continually develop new and exciting concepts and copy for multiple ad formats
    • Create and edit videos, static/animated banners, landing pages, and HTML5 ads as necessary
    • Direct internal designers on production of static assets and ad banners
    • Manage translations and localizations for all creative assets for 30 separate languages
    • Implement new processes and tools to help optimize internal and external production workflows
  • Creative Management
    • Hire actors, producers, and creative agencies on project-to-project basis
    • Handle contracts, negotiations, budgets, and creative briefs with external vendors and contractors
    • Manage monthly creative budget for external productions, internal ad testing, and other creative expenses
    • Write scripts, create storyboards, and provide feedback/approvals for external producers
    • Manage and provide marketing and design assets and guidelines for external partners
  • Misc. Creative Work
    • Conceptualize and create new app store creative assets for ASO testing
    • Provide creative feedback to and help brainstorm new ideas with product marketing and design teams

Dillon is a powerhouse marketer. He not only knows HOW to design, he knows WHAT to design and WHY which is a key differentiator among designers. AND by the way, he is also proficient in buying media so he tests his own creative against benchmarks to see what is working. I have never met a creative director with so much skill, intelligence, attention to detail and ambition as Dillon.
Head of Performance Marketing at AnchorFree
I have been fortunate enough to work with Dillon in two different roles. His ability to manage creative production, performance, optimization, and iteration at the pace at which he does is unlike I have seen from any individual. He brings tremendous value to any marketing team with his combination of analytical/creative talents and skills. He is also an extremely friendly person and very easy to get along with in both a personal and professional setting.
Director of User Acquisition at AnchorFree

Featured Work 01
UA Creative Management
Along with creative strategy and analysis, I also manage all UA creative direction on ad production both internal and external. This includes creative briefs, MSA/SOW, negotiations, allocating budgets, and other creative support such as assets, script writing, and approvals. Each production varies in quality/style depending on the specific channel and campaign goals. Below are a few examples of external productions I managed.

Access or Axes
My role: co-writing, additional characters

My role: concept, script

My role: concept, script

Scripted Social
My role: scripts, casting, editing
Featured Work 02
Building Global Strategies
A VPN is useful to everyone around the world, especially in countries where Internet censorship is more prevalent. This is why I chose to make localization a key element of our creative strategy. But localization doesn't just stop at translating text.

I leveraged my global network of talent and to help produce fully localized creatives. These ads consistently outperformed English ads in the same locations. The first ad in the playlist below tripled install rates and increased CTR nearly 500% over non-localized creatives in Japan.

Localized Social Ads
My role: script, casting, locations, editing
Featured Work 03
Designing OOH Travel Campaigns
In December, 2018, we launched an OOH campaign at 4 major airports across the US for the holiday season. I produced an airport Wi-Fi pre-roll ad and a set of banners for both digital and print. The Wi-Fi pre-roll video achieved 29% CTR against the benchmark 3-5%.

Boingo Wi-Fi
My role: concept, editing

Airport Banners
My role: concept, design
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San Francisco, CA