Creative User Acquisition Manager
Jan 2018 - Aug 2018

What started as a freelance relationship eventually turned into a full-time role as G5's first Creative UA Manager. I oversaw the production pipeline for G5's internal ad creative team and external creative partners, developed and implemented new UA creative strategies, and even rolled up my sleeves to help create top performing video ads and playables ads as needed. Through rigorous A/B testing I increased ad performance 150% in my first 6 months, and by Q2’18 I improved CTRs by 131%, lifted install rates by 112%, and lowered CPIs by 64%. I also optimized the creative team's workflow tripling their production output in the first half of 2018. Working closely with the ASO team, I managed storefront creative testing with SplitMetrics, Google Play, and Search Ads. I analyzed creative performance data and frequently performed competitor analysis (via Sensor Tower and App Annie) and provided actionable insights to the UA managers. I left G5 to accept a position with AnchorFree (now Pango) as the Creative Director for their user acquisition team.

A Case Study in Iteration

I created a video ad internally known as "Five Dogs" for our game Hidden City. It was a simple ad that prompted the user to find five dogs hidden in a scene, and slowly revealed their locations as the ad played.

It quickly became a top performing ad, so the next step was to iterate on its success. First, I tested the breed of dog used in the ad, under the hypothesis that different breeds might resonate better with our audience.

From testing, it was clear that the Chihuahua was the most popular breed with Hidden City's demographic. So, the next step was to test the background scene. My hypothesis was that the background art might play a large part in someone's decision to play a hidden object game. Additionally, I hypothesized that the colors, tone, and theme of the scene could play a factor as well, hence the decision to test a variety of indoor, outdoor, daytime, nighttime, and even seasonal scenes.

The final round of testing involved iterating on the execution of the concept. This included an iteration with other animals but only one dog; a culturalized version for Japan which featured cats instead of dogs; and an interactive playable version of the original concept.

Optimizing App Store Creative

In Spring of 2018, I successfully improved Survivors: The Quest's App Store landing page conversion performance through creative testing and iteration. I increased video conversions by 27%, screenshots by 13.1%, and the description by 24.4%. From March to April, overall landing page conversion rates doubled and day 14 revenue increased 45.5%. The changes also led to an overall decrease in UA campaign CPIs of 36% between December 2017 and May 2018.

My process began with an 11-page ASO plan in which I examined existing App Store assets, performed a thorough competitor analysis, and presented a road map for making improvements. I then produced and tested new creative elements including screenshots, icons, text segments, and the preview video.

Survivors: The Quest App Store screenshots

Driving Video Ad Performance

I directed a team of video editors and motion designers based in Ukraine and Russia, where most of the company was located. Between January and June of 2018, I successfully tripled the team's video ad output without additional resources, while simultaneously improving creative performance by 150%. Below are several top performing ads produced with my oversight.