PLS Logistics
Video Producer & Web Designer
October, 2014 to September, 2015

  • Produced inbound marketing, recruiting, and sales video campaigns; tracked and reported performance analytics
  • Developed website marketing strategy; redesigned company website; implemented and measured SEO initiatives
  • Ordered and maintained video production equipment, staying up to date on new trends in software and hardware
  • Managed YouTube channel/branding and monitored video performance in YouTube Analytics, HubSpot, and Wistia

I joined the PLS Logistics marketing team as a video producer in the fall of 2014. A few months later I was promoted to take over website initiatives as well.

During my time at PLS, I was responsible for:
  • Video Production
    • Conceptualized, planed, and produced all video content for marketing, sales, and recruiting teams
    • Traveled to regional offices to product on-site recruiting video content
    • Directed on-camera interviews of employees and executives within the company
    • Selected, purchased, and maintained all video and audio equipment
    • Filmed, logged, and archived b-roll footage
    • Synced, edited, and color graded videos using Adobe Creative Cloud products and other software
  • Web Design
    • Led company website re-branding initiative in coordination with the Director of Marketing, CEO, COO, and other key stakeholders
    • Revamped website back end structure to improve page speed and optimize development workflows
    • Improved UX and SEO across all buckets of the company website
    • Integrated Google Analytics, HubSpot, and into the company website
    • Championed a consistent company brand, voice, and tone across all web channels
  • Marketing
    • Tracked video-sourced lead generation through HubSpot and Wistia
    • Managed and monitored YouTube channel and analytics
    • Created video marketing performance reports for marketing team
    • Collaborated and brainstormed with the marketing graphic designer
    • Photographed offices, company events, and team leads as needed
    • Supported marketing managers and social media manager with design tasks as needed

In the Fall of 2015, I accepted an offer from MZ in Palo Alto, CA, and left PLS Logistics to move to California and start a new chapter in my career where I would start to specialize in creative user acquisition.

I've worked alongside Dillon for close to a year now. In the past year I've seen Dillon step up and be a real leader in our marketing team. Not only is he extremely talented at video production, but he also took on the new role of web designer. He excels at his job, but he is also a team player. We've worked together on countless projects. I knew I could count on Dillon to brainstorm with me, be my second set of eyes, and critique the final product. He has done all of this while also juggling two roles at PLS. Dillon's finished projects make you think he has had a whole production team behind him, when in reality it is just himself. He's skilled in all areas of video, from writing scripts all the way to filming and editing. He has revamped PLS's videos and website by putting a modern and creative spin on them. As a team member or as a leader, Dillon has my highest recommendation. He would be an asset to any team.
Visual Designer at IBM
I've had the opportunity to work with Dillon during his role as Video Producer and Web Designer at PLS. As the content manager, I worked closely with Dillon to achieve marketing initiatives and goals. He created exciting videos that supported our social strategy and web layouts that boosted UX and SEO. Dillon works hard and helps find answers to challenges when they arise. I would recommend him as a great candidate for video, web and marketing.
Inbound Marketing Manager at Blacksmith Applications
In the time that I have worked with Dillon as the Video Specialist at PLS Logistics, he has demonstrated that he is a very talented individual. He has the ability to look beyond his “everyday” projects and see additional creative opportunities. He is focused on top quality work and has brought additional life into the PLS brand and my marketing campaigns. I would recommend Dillon to any company and/or production team.
Channel Marketing Manager at Wombat Security Technologies

Featured Work 01
Recruiting With Video
One of my core initiatives was supporting the recruiting team. I traveled to each remote office to produce individual recruiting videos. I filmed employee interviews and captured b-roll of the offices, the locations, and employee culture. Below is the Dallas office recruiting video I produced.

My role: directing, camera, audio, editing
Featured Work 02
Modernizing The Website
After being promoted to absorb the Web Design role, my first project was to redesign the company website. The goal was to create a modern, user friendly experience that accurately communicated the company's new products and strategies. This multi-month process involved familiarizing myself with the existing front/back end structure, meeting with key stakeholders, developing and presenting a design road map, and taking over SEO efforts. Below are screenshots from my redesign. You can view the original design here.

Dillon Becker | LinkedIn
San Francisco, CA