Select International
Video Marketing Specialist
July, 2012 to March, 2014

  • Partnered with sales team to produce B2B testimonial, remarketing, and client retention video creatives
  • Produced in-product videos for high profile clients in the manufacturing and healthcare spaces
  • Wrote, cast talent for, and directed industrial videos for client training products
  • Managed YouTube channel and monitored video marketing analytics
  • Ordered and maintained all in-house production equipment

I joined Select International shortly after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh as their first and only internal video marketing specialist. I quickly became a one-man production team, establishing an in-house studio and overseeing all aspects of internal video production.

During my time at Select International, I was responsible for:
  • Video Marketing
    • Created, produced, and managed all video marketing assets
    • Managed YouTube channel and presence
    • Implemented video-based social media strategies with social media manager
    • Directed, filmed, and edited client video testimonials onsite
    • Frequently traveled for on-location filming at client offices with camera, lighting, and audio equipment
    • Wrote video scripts and managed voice over translations
    • Selected, purchased, and managed all in-house video, audio, and lighting equipment
    • Contacted media companies for video licensing
    • Scheduled and produced weekly video vlog content for sales, marketing, and client management teams
    • Cast and directed external video talent
    • Scripted and storyboarded narrative video content
    • Carried out directing, lighting, filming, audio recording, editing, animation, and VFX for all video content produced in-house
  • Marketing Initiatives
    • Monitored YouTube and Wistia analytics
    • Assisted with inbound video-based web campaigns and advertisements on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit
    • Brainstormed campaign concepts with marketing team
  • Cross-Functional Support
    • Directed, filmed, and edited videos for client products
    • Directed, filmed, and edited product overview videos for healthcare, safety, and manufacturing teams
    • Directed, filmed, and edited company overview videos for sales, marketing, and recruiting teams
    • Coordinated with website team to implement videos on the company website
    • Produced video content for live presentations at conferences and seminars

Around the end of 2013, Select International started hiring new leadership and restructuring the company. This included a new COO who effectively erased all of the progress and work the marketing team had accomplished over the past 2 years in favor of implementing outdated marketing methods. I left Select International in March of 2014 to pursue freelance video work shortly after the director of marketing - and my boss - left the company as well.

Dillon is a very talented and creative multimedia professional. He played an integral part in the strategic and tactical implementation of our video efforts while we were both at Select International. Dillon has the ability to take creative ideas from brainstorming sessions and turn them into polished videos that can be used for a variety of marketing initiatives across multiple channels. From script writing to field production through post production and delivery, Dillon has the ability to take the lead on an entire video project. From client testimonials to product overview videos, Dillon can adapt his skills to accommodate any type of video. I never worried about a project when it was in Dillon's hands and viewed him as a key component to the success of our marketing team.
Director, Digital Marketing & CRM at WESCO
Our company took a pretty big step in our Marketing endeavors when we hired Dillon. The concept of social media was still fresh to the company, and although Dillon was hired to manage the client testimonials we'd been acquiring, he quickly showed us that his versatility made him so much more of an asset. We quickly expanded to informational videos, vlogs, as well as a number of more exploratory video commercials. Every single finished product was masterfully done, and Dillon's video output was of the best I personally have ever seen in this industry.
Head of Talent (VP HR) at TubeScience

Featured Work 01
Client Showcase
One of the biggest projects I worked on was producing client testimonials, which involved traveling to client sites to film interviews of their employees and b-roll of their facilities. The videos were used by the marketing and sales teams. This process later included producing video products for clients, where I filmed on-site training videos to bundle with our assessment packages.

My role: directing, camera, audio, editing
Featured Work 02
Company Image
The company overview video would be featured on the new website and used by the client acquisition team. I met with key stakeholders to gather input and collaborated with the Director of Marketing to develop a rough script. Scenes were shot on location in the office and around the city.

My role: directing, camera, audio, editing
Dillon Becker | LinkedIn
San Francisco, CA