Video Producer, UA
Apr 2016 - Apr 2017

I left MZ to accept a role at Storm8 as their first user acquisition video producer, embedded on the user acquisition team and reporting directly to the Senior UA Manager. I created data-driven video ads for 20+ games ranging in genre from match3 to invest/express to mobile casino. Leveraging performance data and A/B test results, I directly increased creative CTRs and CVRs - in some cases by 150% - effectively reducing campaign costs by $5.4 million. I also collaborated with internal art teams and external creative partners to help support storefront creative and even in-game assets. During the Summer of 2016, I helped support the launch of Dream City, including the production of 3D teaser trailers for the social media team. Unfortunately, 60% of the company - myself included - was affected by a layoff in Spring of 2017.

Designing for Hasbro

During my time at Storm8, our two biggest games were our Hasbro IPs: Monopoly Bingo and Clue Bingo (or Cluedo Bingo for my non-American friends). A large portion of my time was spent producing ads for these two games. This included testing different themes, iconic imagery, types of gameplay, and characters (especially for Clue). Through my creative testing efforts, I successfully increased CTR for Monopoly Bingo by 145% and CVR by 11%. I also improved CVR for Clue Bingo by 42%. Beyond producing ads for UA, I also supported our Hasbro business team with creative mocks, presentation materials, and marketing assets. Below are two examples of ads produced for our Hasbro games.

Launching Dream City

In Summer of 2016 we launched the city building game Dream City. I produced 4 teaser videos (below) leading up to the game's release date which helped secure featuring on both Apple and Google Play app stores. The teasers varied in style and complexity, requiring a mixture of gameplay capture, 3D animation, and 2D animation. For three of the teasers I wrote voice over scripts and directed multiple voice actors to record the lines.

Pivoting to Mobile Casino

Shortly before Storm8's layoffs, the company started pivoting to support its older slots games, as well as explore producing new slots games. First, it was my job to create fresh ads for the existing slots games so UA could test traffic. Below is an example of one of those ads. The concept was based on competitor research and insights provided by the mobile casino team.

Next, I was responsible for producing ads for the new slots games that were being developed so that UA could help drive installs during soft launch. This required working closely with the mobile casino team to learn which elements of the game were designed to specifically appeal to a casino fan. I also spent time researching competitor ads, casino slots machines, and what motivated slots players to play a new machine. Below is an example of one of the ads I produced.

Supporting All Titles

While Monopoly and Clue Bingo games were our golden geese, Storm8 had a large catalog of non-IP titles and a constant flux of new games in the pipeline. The UA team frequently ran campaigns to support the non-IP titles, as well as test campaigns for WIP games to help test market response. As the only video creative on the UA team, I was responsible for producing ads for all of these campaigns. This meant familiarizing myself with each game, developing ad ideas, capturing gameplay footage, and editing, resizing, and localizing each video ad. Game genres included match3, invest/express, bingo, simulation, slots, bubble pop, cards, and more. Below are several examples of ads I created for our non-IP titles.